Blog Marketing Tips: 3 Easy Strategies to Get More Engagement

Published on 10 Aug 2018 / In People & Blogs

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Blog Marketing Strategies can be a little tedious especially if you are a beginner blogger and you are trying to rank posts using SEO. Using SEO as a Blog Marketing Strategy can help get more viewers to your site using google search engines and having the right langauge to match the algorithm on you site.

Posting valuable content is one of the top Blog Marketing Tips that I can share with you mainly because if your blog isn’t good, no one will come to read it. I don’t care if you have amazing SEO, dumping cash towards traffic, or marketing your blog 20 times a day. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, you won’t keep viewers. There are different Blog Marketing Tips online today and I think they are doing you injustice if they aren’t making sure you know this one Blogging Tip in order to expand your visibility.

Free resources can be a quick and easy blog marketing tip for the person who is just getting started. Maybe you were just given a free resource from someone else within the industry that you are blogging about. Make sure you are giving those resources away on your blog and don't forget to use your blog marketing strategy to help rank your posts on the search engines. Don’t be afraid to share some great value and tools on your sight as the most successful people I know are great GIVERS of free information.

Will your blog give the person results? Will it solve a problem that they’re having in their life? Most people look right by the obvious when it comes to finding blog marketing tips for their business. You want to simply help people in a way that they don’t expect it. Share your stories and close it with a solution that has worked for you and that can work for them as well. When blogging, you always want to focus on the reader and their needs.

Posting frequently is another blog marketing tip that people overlook. I’ve seen some people wanting to get results on their blog, but never throwing up a single post. How are people supposed to get help from you and return to your blog if you never post. If you’re stuck on what to write about, don’t worry about it. Just write about something that you experienced that day surrounding your industry. Here’s a little tip...

If you’re constantly feeding your mind and skills every day, you will never run out of things to write about! Just like you’re searching for blog marketing tips now, you should be searching for how to’s and information about your products and services to sharpen your skills.

The last thing I talk about in this blog marketing tips video is posting on facebook. Now, I’ve seen some really great blog posts that has a ton of value and is useful for people in the industry. The only thing that some of these people get wrong is that they share it without leading with value or curiosity. For instance, they may create a blog post on how to lose weight in 5 days and just post a link without saying anything or post something like “Here’s my new blog post, check it out”. No one who is interested in losing weight in 5 days will want to post on that because you’re not marketing your blog. You’re simply slapping your blog link on your page.
Do yourself a favor the next time you market your blog. Make sure you give it the facebook description that it deserves.

If you’re looking for more blog marketing tips and other ways you can market your business online, definitely check out our community that has been helping people improve in their business.

0:38 - Blog Marketing Strategy #1 - Post Valuable Content
2:13 - Blog Marketing Strategy #2 - Blog Frequently
3:00 - Blog Marketing Strategy #3 - Share on Facebook
6:00 - How to Get More Blog Marketing Tips

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